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* Fill in [[:Category:Computer_Science_Eponyms|computer science eponym list]]
==Modern UNIX Programming==
* An update to Stevens+Rago ''(update 2016: there's a recent 3rd edition of APIUE, so maybe this is handled)''
==Hacking the Planet! with [[Notcurses]]==
* A [[HTPwN|guide]] to the use of [[Notcurses]] to make vidid TUIs
==The Finest Machine==
[[File:Kickstarter.png|thumb|right|(Not) Funded on Kickstarter]]
''The Finest Machine: The Science and the Joy of Computing''.
* Computing from the ground up, beginning with formal systems and moving up through information theory, VLSI, [[Architecture|microprocessors]] and [[Programming Language Theory|programming languages]].
* Failed [ Kickstarter project]
* [[media:Machines-ToC.pdf|Table of Contents]]
==Nascent Nonfiction==
* Fill in [[Computer_science_eponyms|computer science eponym list]], market as a phatty ''Dictionary of Ideas'' or ''Binet's Reader's Encyclopedia''-like deal
* (major and semi-esoteric) [[Trees]]. A chapter on each, kinda like ''The Periodic Kingdom''
* (major and semi-esoteric) [[Trees]]. A chapter on each, kinda like ''The Periodic Kingdom''
* Computer Science GRE exam prep
* A guide to [[Fast UNIX Servers|low-latency, high-throughput I/O]] on UNIX and Windows, with an emphasis on APIs
* [[CS GRE|Computer Science GRE]] exam prep
* Definitive biography of von Neumann (as of 2009, the three major ones are all garbage)
** possible title: ''Fekete Pestis'' (sets up unfortunate puns on my last name, though)
* <i>'''The Well-Tempered Computer'''</i> (working title): an in-depth guide to modern computer hardware with an emphasis on standards
** Everything from the input power to the output LEDs
** Creative Commons license
* '''Peak CUDA''': A guide to NVIDIA microarchitecture and programming for peak on [[CUDA]]
* '''ATLympics''', a short, poppy history/analysis of the 1996 [[Atlanta]] Olympic Games
==Nascent Fiction==
* ''Twilight's Simulacra'', a novel
* The Annotated ''[ Illuminatus!]''
** someone might [ already] be doing this
* The Annotated ''[[Southland Tales]]''
==Notes on publishing with Amazon==
* Inner margins (that margin next to the binding): .375--1in, depending on page count
* Outer margins: minimum .25in, recommended .5in