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Computer science needs more eponyms, in the vein of [ Mordenkainen]. Collect them all, and impress your friends! The vast majority of links below are stubs -- I might make a project one day of filling them all insummarizing these entries, but I'd likely sell the result as a [[book ideas|book]].
*'''FIXME''' Tarjan has something like 20,004 algorithms, and all of them are outstanding
* Cohen-Sutherland algorithm
* Commentz-Walter Algorithm
* [ Conway's Law]
* Cook reduction
* Cook-Levin Theorem
* Krapchenko's Adder
* Kruskal's Algorithm
* Kryder's Law
* Kung-Leiserson systolic array
* Kuroda Normal Form
* Liskov's Substitution Principle
* Lloyd's algorithm
* Luby's algorithm
* Luhn Algorithm
* Luleå Algorithm