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** Alternatively, look at <tt>/proc/net/can/stats</tt>
Options for the device include:
* <tt>restart-ms</tt>: automatic restart time in milliseconds in the event of bus-off state(default: disabled)
** <tt>restart</tt> can be used by itself for one-time bus recovery
** A restart will send an error frame
* <tt>one-shot</tt>: don't attempt to retransmit when we don't see an ACK(default: disabled)
** Note: when sniffing a <b>non-virtual</b> CAN interface, you must either (a) see an ACK -- requiring a connected device, or (b) be in one-shot mode, or you will not see your transmitted frames
* <tt>bitrate</tt>: bits per second, i.e. "125000".