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Zür Farbenlehre, and so on.


  • RGB: additive three-component color space based off the RGB color model
    • sRGB: RGB color space making use of ITU-R BT.709 primaries and a nonlinear, CRT-inspired gamma function
  • L*a*b (CIELAB): color opponent space with 1 dimension of lightness and 2 color-opponent dimensions expressed as nonlinearly compressed CIE XYZ color space coordinates


  • Ethan Schoonover's Solarized is a 16-color CIELAB palette with 8 monotones for content and 8 accent colors, which decays elegantly to a number of 5-color palettes.
  • The Tango Desktop Project has a 27-color RGB palette.
Name Base RGB hex Variant 1 Variant 2
Butter (Tango) fce94f edd400 c4a000
Orange (Tango) fcaf3e f57900 ce5c00
Chocolate (Tango) e9b96e c17d11 8f5902
Chameleon (Tango) 8ae234 73d216 4e9a06
Sky Blue (Tango) 729fcf 3465a4 204a87
Plum (Tango) ad7fa8 75507b 5c3566
Scarlet Red (Tango) ef2929 cc0000 a40000
Aluminium 1 (Tango) eeeeec d3d7cf babdb6
Aluminium 2 (Tango) 888a85 555753 2e3436