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Enemies list

From dankwiki
  • The autoeponymous band whose name I shall not speak
  • The BP on North Avenue and Spring for assuming in 2007 that I was drunk and refusing to sell me beer on the way to work after having written great code all night. for the record, i was not drunk, though i was tweaked out of my gourd, and gesticulating wildly.
  • Apple for the Disneyfication of computing
  • Citizens Bank for pestering me regarding a Miata i'd obliterated
  • GA400 for being a time vampire
  • "Chancellor of the Sexchequer" Doug Gillett of Birmingham, AL for his unceasing and ill-informed braying regarding despised University of Georgia football
  • Springer and Elsevier for their expensive garbage
  • whatever fucking asshole spent $2k registering
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers for being the worst employment experience i've ever had
  • Louisiana.
  • Junkman's Daughter for seizing my admittedly très shitty Alan Turing fake id in 1999

Dead/annihilated enemies

  • AJC "TechnoBuddy" Bill Husted perished Nagasaki Day 2018 following a lifetime of refusing to print my many, many letters. RIP technoenemy; you were a good foe.
  • Zach's dog ("Truman") perished, probably from all the barking.