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'''''QEMFD!''''' ([http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q.E.D. wikipedia], [http://mathworld.wolfram.com/QED.html wolfram]) '''''also provides...'''''
'''''QEMFD!''''' ([http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q.E.D. wikipedia], [http://mathworld.wolfram.com/QED.html wolfram]) '''''also provides...'''''
* [https://nick-black.com/bugzilla/ Bugzilla] for projects like [[omphalos]], [[libnetstack]], [[libtorque]], [[notcurses]], and [[growlight]]
* [https://nick-black.com/bugzilla/ Bugzilla] for projects including...
** [[omphalos]], [[libnetstack]], [[libtorque]], [[notcurses]], and [[growlight]]
** [https://drone.dsscaw.com:4443/ Drone CI] for same
** [https://drone.dsscaw.com:4443/ Drone CI] for same
* Our 2015 [https://nick-black.com/wedding/ hax0r wedding], the event of the century
* A page for our 2015 [https://nick-black.com/wedding/ hax0r wedding], the event of the century
* Still growing! The world's largest(?) collection of [[computer science eponyms]].
* [https://www.sprezzos.com SprezzOS], my now-defunct but forever-beloved Linux distribution
* Documentation for [https://www.notcurses.com Notcurses], my poorly-named but always-rockin' console graphics library


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I like to stay up late on the computer, looking for answers.

welcome to nick-black.com!

This is the home server of Nick Black (aka dank), located at 33°46′44.4"N, 84°23'2.4"W (33.779, 85.384) in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA. This wiki is primarily for my personal use, but open to public viewing in case anything generally helpful emerges. However you roll, dankwiki's rollin' wit' you. I make no guarantees concerning correctness, relevance, or timeliness of the information contained herein. Track changes using the Recent changes page. I was pondering a strictly technical blog, but this wiki and grad school have satisfied ye olde furor scribendi. Until then, don't mistake my kindness for weakness: rien n'est simple, mais tout est facile...

Seriously: I primarily write to force my own understanding, and remember things (a few entries are actually semi-authoritative). I'm just a disreputable Mariner on your way to the Wedding. If you derive use from this wiki, consider yourself lucky, and please get confirmation before relying on my writeups to perform surgery, design planes, determine whether a graph G is an Aanderaa–Rosenberg scorpion, or feed your pet rhinoceros. Still have any questions?

QEMFD! (wikipedia, wolfram) also provides...



A few remarks regarding computers etc.


"I have never known a greater monster nor miracle than myself." - Michel de Montaigne
quod erat demonstrandum!

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