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==[[GCC|gcc]] support for C99 language extensions==
* I'd like to [ further this along]
* Intel's [ C/C++ Compiler] (icc) is [ free for non-commercial development]
* AMD's [ Open64 Compiler Suite] is just plain free
* I'd like to further along [ gcc C99 support]


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An awesome addition. Type constructions of the form u?int{variety}_t (u prefix denotes unsigned). Varieties include:

  • ptr: Size sufficient to hold a pointer. This is useful for function type definitions, when it's unsure whether a pointer or integer type would be most appropriate for various instances (a void *'s size is not directly related to an int's size by the ANSI C standard).
  • max: Size sufficient to hold any other integer type.
  • fast{8,16,32,64}: Fastest integer type having at least the specified width.
  • least{8,16,32,64}: Minimum native integer type having at least the specified width.
  • {8,16,32,64}: Integer type having precisely this width.