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The MO-RA3 family of external radiators is a product of Germany's Watercool. It is available in 360mm and 420mm models. The former natively supports nine 120mm fans; the latter natively supports nine 140mm fans (18 on the Pro, which supports fans mounted on both front and back).


An Arctic P-14 PWM PST RGB 140mm fan requires a maximum of 0.17A for the fan and 0.20A for the LEDs (all at 12V, so 2.04W and 2.4W respectively, 2.44W total). They provide daisy chaining:

P-14s Fan watts LED watts Total
3 6.12 7.2 13.32 6 12.24 14.4 16.64 9 18.36 21.6 39.96 18 36.72 43.2 79.92

The Noctua NF-A14 is 0.13A (fan only), 1.56W. There is no daisy chaining.

NF-A14s Fan watts
3 4.68 6 9.36 9 14.04 18 28.08

Pairing 9x P-14s on the front with 9x NF-A14s on the back yields a maximum 54W of 12V power draw, exactly 4.5A. Coincidentally, this is the exact amount of 12V power provided by the 3 1.5A 12V pins of a SATA power connector.