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MediaWiki editing

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Desire and solution Example text Example result
Link directly to an uploaded file without embedding it via use of the "Media" pseudo-namespace. [[Media:LookForAnswers.jpg|dankamongwikis logo]] dankamongwikis logo
Link to an uploaded file's description page without embedding it via prefixing "File" with a ':' character. [[:File:LookForAnswers.jpg|logo file page]] logo file page
Link to another registered wiki by using the registered name and a ':' (other wikis must be registered by the MediaWiki administrator). [[wikipedia:Tab_(soft_drink)|TaB at Wikipedia]] TaB at Wikipedia
Make one page merely redirect to another using #REDIRECT. #REDIRECT [[Pages]] N/A
Generate a full link to a file as text using {{FILEPATH}}. {{FILEPATH:LookForAnswers.jpg}} LookForAnswers.jpg

Disabling Markup

Desire and solution Example text Example result
Reformat and interpret special characters, but not wikitext, using <nowiki> <nowiki>[[This will not become a link]]</nowiki> [[This will not become a link]]
Interpret special characters only, and used fixed-width fonts, using <pre> <pre>This will not be formatted</pre>
This will not be formatted

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