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Message to Recruiters

From dankwiki

Hello, technology headhunter! I am contacted by several recruiters a week, and sometimes multiple each day.

To save us all some time, please read on...


  • My résumé is available here.
    • This link is kept up to date. There is no need to contact me for a current résumé.
    • Neither do I have a "Microsoft Word" aka "doc" or "docx" version, nor will I create one.
  • I deliver world-class work (my GitHub and OpenHub profiles speak for themselves).
  • If you alter my résumé, for whatever reason, I will blacklist you and your company/agency.

Desired work

  • I am an expert systems programmer focused on high-performance computing and low-latency, high-throughput I/O.
    • I am not interested in system administration, business logic, databases, mobile development, user interfaces, or web programming.
    • I am interested in major algorithmic challenges, demanding performance requirements, and exotic computer architectures.
  • I am generally uninterested in (and poorly suited for) software development outside the UNIX environment.
  • Open Source-friendly candidate employers, especially those with a track record of supporting Open Source projects, will be strongly preferred.

Contacting me

  • I am always open to discussing new opportunities, and encourage you to contact me.
  • I request that your initial contact come via email to, or via LinkedIn.
    • Do not call me without my explicit permission, or I will blacklist you.

Lead generation

  • The majority of people I could comfortably recommend are already happily employed, because they're awesome.
    • I will happily pass along your job description and contact info, but will not pass info the other way. Sorry!