Off of the Grid (song)

From dankwiki

(to the tune of Under the Sea)

veg-e-ta-bles seem much fresher

when they're grown in your back yard

you might think you're not a farmer

but i tell you it's not hard

you're tired of supermarkets,

don't like NAFTA or Free Trade,

well bring your bike down and park it,

get yourself a hoe and spade!

off of the grid (off of the grid)

off of the grid (off of the grid)

darling it's super

out among tubers

you'll soon agreeeeeeeee

though there's not yet a plot so large

that it provides an iphone charge

you'll be facebookin'

when no one's lookin'

offffffff of the grid

out here the people are happy

(so long as there's gas-can fuel)

no chemical fertilizers

(though yes, there's collecting stools)

but collecting turds is ok

better than that crueler fate

the first year we saved no feces

got not but shit on our plates, UH-OH!

off of the grid (off of the grid)

off of the grid (off of the grid)

no regulations

nor expectations

just childish dreams

though if you're off the grid for true...

whom do you sell your foodstuffs to?

i smell a canard

you are a retard

offfffff of the griddddddddddddddd

ms. breeze grows the peas

ol' frank brings in sheaves

but not as fast as

a threshing machine

mrs geet knows that beets

are just nature's treats

and her feet always hurt

those who would complain

about checkout lanes

perhaps ought read books

about the ukraine:

back in thirty-three,

you see, two of three

perished for want of food!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

off of the grid (off of the grid)

off of the grid (off of the grid)

your spoiled white kids

ought do what i did

off of the grid

when everyone is china's slave

we'll be well-practiced for the day:

manual labor

is what we savor

don't say "decrepit"

man you don't get it!

i hope to service

my want of purpose

no advanced plant genes

probably no vaccines

offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff of the griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!