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SilverStone fan hub

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The SilverStone octoport PWM hub (part number ‎SST-CPF04-USA) features 8 4-pin Molex fan outputs, one 4-pin Molex fan input (for PWM control), and is powered via a connected SATA adapter. Speed control via voltage is not available for 3-pin fans, though they can be connected to the device (and will run at maximum speed). The SATA power is required; no fans will run if only the 4-port connector is hooked up (indeed, there are only two wires running to the four-pin connector).

The unit can report fan speed using the one glossy header (underneath the "SilverStone" logo, on the far right). A four-pin fan must be connected to this header for speed to be reported, and only this fan's RPM will be reported.

Only one header can be used to report speed.
Only one header can be used to report speed.

The SATA cable is 300mm, while the PWM cable is 500mm. Since the unit is drawing 12V power from a SATA cable, the three pins indicate a maximum input of 4.5A (54W). This allows an average of 0.5625A per header if all eight are populated. I'm not sure of the maximum output of a given header; 1A would be a reasonable lower bound. The input is brought through a 2200µF capacitor.

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