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[[Image:hardworkindankspring2010.jpg|thumb|your humble wikist, late 2010-04]]
[[Image:hardworkindankspring2010.jpg|thumb|your humble wikist, late 2010-04]]
[ Nick Black]. I run this wiki. Try to avoid ending up on my [[Enemies list]]. Here are some other data streams I generate:
[ Nick Black]. I run (and am the sole contributor to) this wiki. Try to avoid ending up on my [[Enemies list]]. If you'd like, feel free to buy me something from my [ Amazon wishlist]. Stalking me? You'd do better consulting my  [ Facebook]. Sometimes I edit [ Wikipedia] articles, and I love to review books on [ GoodReads]. My music gets scrobbed to [].
==shared [ google reader] items==
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I used to have links to LiveJournal and G+, but they are lost in time like tears in rain ([ or are they?])
==[ Goodreads]==
I guess my [ GitHub] page is my primary home on Other People's Servers, which seems pretty weird now that they're owned by Microsoft. Not so weird as the day I woke up to find myself employed by AOL, back in January 2000, but still pretty weird. ''Update 2020: and now I find myself employed by...Microsoft. Indeed, many things do come to pass.''
==[ GitHub]==
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===[[libtorque]] commits===