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Intel's CPU release strategy. Approximately each year, either a "Tick" (new microarchitecture, for instance Nehalem) or a "Tock" (die shrink and incremental improvement of current microarchitecture, for instance Ivy Bridge) will be released.

[ Sandy Bridge, 32nm (Q1 2011)
Tick Tock
Core, 65nm (Q1 2006) Penryn/Wolfdale/Dunnington, 45nm (Q4 2007)
Nehalem, 45nm (Q4 2008) Westmere, 32nm (Q1 2010)
Ivy Bridge, 22nm (sched. Q1 2012)
Haswell, 22nm (sched. Q1 2013) Broadwell, 14nm (sched. Q1 2014)