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your humble wikist, late 2010-04

nick black of atlanta. I run (and am the sole contributor to) this wiki. Try to avoid ending up on my Enemies list. If you'd like, feel free to buy me something from my Amazon wishlist. Stalking me? You'd do better consulting my Facebook. Sometimes I edit Wikipedia articles, and I love to review books on GoodReads. My music gets scrobbed to

I used to have links to LiveJournal and G+, but they are lost in time like tears in rain (or are they?)

I guess my GitHub page is my primary home on Other People's Servers, which seems pretty weird now that they're owned by Microsoft. Not so weird as the day I woke up to find myself employed by AOL, back in January 2000, but still pretty weird. Update 2020: and now I find myself employed by...Microsoft. Indeed, many things do come to pass.