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This is the home server of Nick Black (aka dank), located at 33°77′N, 84°38′W in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA. This wiki is primarily for my personal use, but open to public viewing in case anything generally helpful emerges (and to fight the search engine presence of the hated nick black band, who're very much on the enemy list). I make no guarantees concerning correctness, relevance, or timeliness of the information contained herein. I've started this project only recently (February 2008), and while it is growing quickly, most articles are by necessity stub links. If you are stalking me, you'd do better consulting my blog at LiveJournal, or my MySpace / Facebook. Sometimes I edit Wikipedia articles, as well, and I love to review books on GoodReads. I was pondering a strictly technical blog, but this wiki and grad school have satisfied ye olde furor scribendi.

Seriously: I primarily write to force my own understanding, and remember things (a few entries are actually semi-authoritative). I'm just a disreputable Mariner on your way to the Wedding. If you derive use from this wiki, consider yourself lucky, and please get confirmation before relying on my writeups to perform surgery, design planes, determine whether a graph G is a scorpion, or feed your pet rhinoceros.

More information about this MediaWiki installation is available on the Version page.