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UNIX Weapons School at Georgia Tech

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Intro / official junk(++) L1 Greetings and Salutations
Big-𝒪 Ain't What it Used to Be(++) L1 Greetings and Salutations
Your Friend the Computer (aka Computer Architecture)(++) L2 Computer Architecture
The x86 is dead. Long live the x86!(++) L3 The x86
(*) no content yet
Not Sucking in the UNIX Environment(**)
(**) barely any content yet
Giving it the Old In-Out(**)
(+) lots of content
Algorithms Worth Knowing(**)
(++) done for now
Control and Concurrency(**)
Compilation for Fun and Profit(*)
Networking to Win(*)
The Future of Systems Programming(*)

If forced to identify a few primary sources, they'd have to include:

The Intel processor manuals and Optimization Guide ● The collected works of Agner Fog ● Culler and Singh's Parallel Computer Architecture ● The Linux kernel's source code and the LKML, especially mails by Linus Torvalds, Dave Jones, Al Viro, Ulrich Drepper, and Ingo Molnar ● Warren's Hacker's Delight ● Abelson and Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs ● Stepanov's The Elements of Programming ● Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming Vol. 1–4A ● Ward and Halstead's Computation Structures ● Exchanges with coworkers including Jason Lunz, James Malcolm, Gallagher Pryor, Brian Deitrich, Douglas Saylor, Norbert Juffa, Donnie Jones, and Seth Walters, and GT colleagues including Andrew Hilton, Jesse Beu, Brian Railing, Jason Poovey, Rob McColl, Andy Kerr, Gary Yngve, Robert Edmonds, and Samuel "Twitch" Hall. ● Classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology, particularly those by Rich Vuduc, Hyesoon Kim, Jim Xu, Tom Conte, Jim Greenlee, and Nate Clark.

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