Emily Bragg marries Nick Black 2015-12-05 in Atlanta

Emily Bragg marries Nick Black
Atlanta, Georgia

Why is this site so ugly? You should hire my twelve year old.
The marriage of two computer scientists created a perfect storm of too much disdain to hire a web developer, too much pride to rip off someone's quality template, and too much nerdiness to prioritize attractiveness over data density. This isn't Pinterest.
Seriously, there's not even a picture.
We assume you know what we look like. Emily will be the shorter, fairer one, wearing the dress. Nick is the hulkier, shambolic one of indeterminate ethnicity.
Need I RSVP via the reply card?
Feel free to RSVP in person, in an email, in a rare phone call, via a message on that other social network, in a carefully-targeted and cost-effective Google AdWord, whatever. The reply cards merely add a little old-school class while facilitating collection of guests' DNA.
I'd love to come but it's just...ugh, stuff. Will you be upset?
Not at all! Please just let us know as early as possible, so that we can possibly invite someone in your stead. We were going to reference Matthew 22 here, about throwing open the wedding feast to all the people of the city, but then we read Matthew 22, and the stuff before that happy part rather contradicts our whole message =/.
Who's coming?
Emily is honored by the attendance of her parents, Alan and Terri Bragg, married 30 years. Nick is likewise proud to welcome his parents, Greg and Judy Black, married 41 years. Nick's best man is Lee Hall; his groomsmen are Nate Jacobson and Richard Bragg, brother of the bride. Emily's bridesmaides are Leah Denham, Lisa White, and Alexia Ronay, a sister of the groom.

Beyond that, both bride and groom attended Georgia Tech, so expect NERRRRRRRRRRRDS.
Ought I rent a car in Atlanta?
Renting a car is absolutely unnecessary, and probably ill-advised. See our TERMINUS page for logistics, especially the Local Transportation section. Use MARTA (rail) to reach your hotel from the airport. Use MARTA or a short taxi to reach the Shrine, and use the same method to return to Midtown. Our recommended hotels are all within trivial walking distance of both the Midtown MARTA stop and the Wimbish House. Uber is strongly recommended for taxi service. Yellow Cab is also reputable.
This is a Catholic wedding, right?
A Catholic priest will celebrate the Catholic sacrament of Matrimony in a Catholic church, yes. A short homily will be delivered; some traditional and powerful phrases will be recited. If this might make you uncomfortable, please feel welcome to skip the ceremony and attend only the reception.
But a pretty secular reception?
At the reception, it's on*. We've got the place all evening, and many of us have not seen one another in far too long.

* Subject, of course, to the Terms and Conditions of our Rental, the significance of the occasion, the Official State Code of Georgia, and all governing treaties.
Will there be dancing?
Just ALL NIGHT. We will, however, do without any gimmicky group participation nonsense songs.

No dancing is expected during the ceremony, though with this Pope you never know.
Is there a dress code?
Semiformal. Feel encouraged to do better.
Will I be provided the opportunity to make a toast? Perhaps say some embarrassing things about the couple?
If you'd like to do such a thing, let us know beforehand, and it might be possible. Espontáneos seizing the mic unvetted will be dropped by flying Samoan tackle.
Ceremony Venue: The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
(Go here for ceremony logistics.)

Atlanta's first Catholic Church, a simple woodframe affair erected in 1848, was dedicated as in 1849 as the “Church of the Immaculate Conception”. Riddled with shellfire during 1864's siege of Atlanta, both armies in turn occupied it as a field hospital. Atop that original site, work began in 1869 on the Gothic Revival design of William H. Parkins. Opening in 1873, the brick-and-glass building mixed English and European church design, heralding a new age in postbellum Atlanta. Rededicated as a shrine in 1954, it is the Diocese's Mother Parish. Its facade includes a reproduction in stained glass of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's “Immaculate Conception”. The Church offers a readable history, and the National Park Service has some architectural notes.
Reception Venue: The Wimbish House
(Go here for reception logistics.)

Commissioned by prominent Atlanta attorney William A. Wimbish as a residence befitting his family's social status, W. T. Downing--already known for his innovative and sophisticated homes, and the preferred architect for Atlanta's stylish elite--employed a French Renaissance “Francis I” Châteauesque design. What resulted was one of Midtown Atlanta's most stunning Victorian homes, distinguished by steep gables, intricate detailing, and massive stone masonry ornamentation. It is owned by the Atlanta Woman's Club, and funds from its operation support the Club's charitable activities.
I'm a fifth-level vegan, eating nothing that casts a shadow. What food options will be available?
We're likely to do buffet-style service, and we'll ensure that there's plenty of substantial vegetarian fare. Vegans might find themselves with more limited options, though we'll certainly have some fruit. There will likewise be gluten-free food, though we can't guarantee isolation during preparation etc. Our caterer is unlikely to follow Halāl law, but we believe Quran 2:173 provides you an out.

We'll update this entry when we have an actual menu.
I heard rumor of a “Wedding Crabcake”, and it blew my mind.
Alas, some people can't handle that much future at once.
My liver is my plus-one. Will there be an open bar?
Think of whom you're talking to. The reception will feature refreshments including Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure, Laphroaig single malt whiskey, Moët White Star champagne, exquisite cocktails, wine, and beer. We'll also be sure to have plenty of TaB on ice.
Will smoking be allowed near the events?
This is Atlanta. If it's not labeled “intensive care”, that's pretty much an invitation to light up. A comfortable patio is made available for smokers at the Wimbish House.
Greg Black, father of the groom, writes in: “Son, I notice your Southern wedding shares the day with the SEC and ACC Championship Games. Will the wedding move to a sports bar to watch this year's iteration of Nick Saban's unstoppable juggernaut, or will the Crimson Tide Sports Network merely be piped in over audio? Love, Dad ps RTR”
We are very sensitive to this issue. Our reception venue has several rooms, one of which will feature all necessary hi-def college football. Should a strong Georgia Tech team be playing in the ACCCG, you can expect the newlyweds to be watching amidst a viewing party for the ages. Roll Tide back at ya, Dad, and Go Jackets.
From whence Emily's dress?
Emily's Justin Alexander dress was altered at Augusta's House of the Bride. Her veil comes from New York's M&J Bridal Salon. Her cloak comes from Atlanta's Lorigami.
And what of the groom's suit?
The groom intends to acquire a suit.
Do you have a registry? Do you want gifts?
We are registered with Amazon. Gifts are always appreciated, but please don't think them expected.
What else is there to do in Atlanta if I've got some extra time?
We whole-heartedly recommend the Georgia Aquarium. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights has some very powerful and unique exhibits. The zoo is mediocre, not to mention completely without whales. The Falcons play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, 2015-12-06. Neither the bride nor groom understand the World of Coca-Cola's appeal, and we discourage its attendance. Fabricate happiness (on a fee-recovering basis) in Georgia Tech's Marcus Nanotechnology Building, the largest cleanroom in the Southeast. Friends from New York and San Francisco can marvel at our expansive grocery stores or exploit the arbitrage opportunities of our cheap cigarettes. Swarm the Highlander and Vortex en masse. Learn and perform the Bankhead Bounce. Wander Piedmont Park, the Botanical Gardens, Midtown, Decatur, the East Atlanta Village, and see what the Capital of the New South has to offer.

We're rather fond of this place. Resurgens!
Tell us a bit about Mlle. Emily Bragg!
Emily grew up in Augusta, Georgia, where she hiked and kayaked extensively, achieved state-level recognition for piano, and played competitive volleyball. She studied Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, She is currently a software engineer at Google. She lives in Manhattan's Murray Hill neighborhood, is a practicing Roman Catholic, and enjoys painting with acrylics.
Tell us a bit about Mr. Nick Black!
Nick grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where he wrote lots of code, placed third in the 1997 National Academic Bowl Championships, and smoked too much. He studied Computer Science and Nuclear Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently a software engineer at Google. He lives in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, is a practicing Discordian, and claims to be writing several books.
Do you have any pets?
We have a few plush whales and a poofy penguin.
How did you two meet?
Nick had taught a class at Georgia Tech during the 2013 Summer semester. At the end, some of his students invited him to a party on campus. That same evening, Emily returned to Atlanta from her summer internship as a processor designer at NVIDIA's headquarters in Silicon Valley; friends encouraged her to show up. Nick was wary of attending, but eventually (in a surprise to no one who knows him) made it to GT's Undergraduate Living Center, toting a bottle of absinthe. Emily was likewise not planning to attend, but eventually put on makeup and made a go of it. Nick immediately noticed her entrance, and made a point of introducing himself to the young lady (this being a GT Computing party, she was likely one of the very few young ladies there). The next day, he emailed her, employing the phrases “very intelligent” and “freakishly attractive” in a stumbling request to meet up for drinks. Unable to withstand such a suave approach, she agreed to a date at Cypress Pint & Plate. Nick asked Emily to marry him at this same location a little over a year later, 2014-11-29, moments after #16 Georgia Tech came from behind to defeat the hated #9 University of Georgia in overtime.