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Aruba 2500-48p

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The Aruba 2500-48p Mobility Access Switch was available very cheaply (around $100) for a switch of its class (4x SFP+ ports + 400W PoE + full capacity w/ jumbo frames) circa 2019. One came with my rack for better or worse (the switch is rather more of a power hog and heat generator than I would have liked). The manual for ArubaOS 7.4 doesn't seem to correspond very closely to what runs on the 2500-48p, so here are some frustratingly-acquired details regarding the device.

BTW, it's loud as hell. The first thing you'll want to to is open it up, remove the 4x 9Krpm Delta fans, and replace them with Noctua NF-A4x20 PWMs. You'll need remove the polarizing rib from the four-pin connector with an X-ACTO knife or something similar, as it won't fit into the stupid Aruba terminals. These fans will run the switch silently, and I have had no overheating problems despite the significantly reduced airflow (I also can't recall utilizing it at even 50%, so ymmv).

Getting started

In the CLI, run the enable command to enter management mode. You'll need the "enable password".

You can then run configure terminal to enter configuration mode.

Enabling functionality

By default, all ports are wired with the standard 1500 byte MTU. Supporting jumbo frames requires the CLI.

To configure an interface, enter configuration mode, then select it via e.g. interface gigabitethernet 0/1/0 (this is the first 10Gbps port on the Aruba 2500-48p). You can then change the mtu with e.g. mtu 9216.

Be sure to run write memory when done to persist this configuration across a power loss.

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