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Book collecting

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yeah ok so i've kinda gotten into book collecting.

Not happening

  • Signed first Ulysses
  • Signed Feynman Lectures on Physics

Dream acquisitions

  • Signed first Blood Meridian
  • Signed Discipline of Programming (Dijkstra)
  • Signed first Dubliners
  • Signed first Gravity's Rainbow
  • First Moby-Dick
  • Signed Gone with the Wind


  • Signed first Infinite Jest
  • Signed Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy
  • Signed first The Power of One
  • Signed first American Prometheus
  • Signed first A Clockwork Orange

Got 'em

  • Signed first Naked Lunch
  • First Blood Meridian
  • Signed Burroughs (The Last Words of Dutch Schultz)
  • Signed McCarthy (The Passenger, Stella Maris)
  • Signed Ginsberg (Howl and Other Poems)
  • Signed Ferlinghetti (Coney Island of the Mind and Other Poems)
  • Signed first Gone Girl
  • Signed first Microserfs
  • Signed first My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist
  • Signed Neuromancer (Easton Press)
  • Signed first Burning Chrome
  • Signed Finnegan's Wake
  • Signed first Penrose, The Road to Reality
  • Signed Ten Keys to Reality (Easton Press)
  • Signed Rovelli, Helgoland (Easton Press)
  • Signed Dyson, Disturbing the Universe (Easton Press)
  • Signed Illuminatus! Trilogy