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Book ideas

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Midnight's Simulacra, my first novel coming 2024-01-01!

Modern UNIX Programming

  • An update to Stevens+Rago (update 2016: there's a recent 3rd edition of APIUE, so maybe this is handled)

Hacking the Planet! with Notcurses

The Finest Machine

(Not) Funded on Kickstarter

The Finest Machine: The Science and the Joy of Computing.

Nascent Nonfiction

  • Fill in computer science eponym list, market as a phatty Dictionary of Ideas or Binet's Reader's Encyclopedia-like deal
  • (major and semi-esoteric) Trees. A chapter on each, kinda like The Periodic Kingdom
  • A guide to low-latency, high-throughput I/O on UNIX and Windows, with an emphasis on APIs
  • Computer Science GRE exam prep
  • Definitive biography of von Neumann (as of 2009, the three major ones are all garbage)
    • possible title: Fekete Pestis (sets up unfortunate puns on my last name, though)
  • The Well-Tempered Computer (working title): an in-depth guide to modern computer hardware with an emphasis on standards
    • Everything from the input power to the output LEDs
    • Creative Commons license
  • Peak CUDA: A guide to NVIDIA microarchitecture and programming for peak on CUDA
  • ATLympics, a short, poppy history/analysis of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Nascent Fiction

Notes on publishing with Amazon

I've successfully published on Amazon using LaTeX.

For making EPUB, I recommend tex4ebook. Use -x to drive XeTeX.


  • Inner margins (that margin next to the binding): .375--1in, depending on page count
  • Outer margins: minimum .25in, recommended .5in