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I live in the Viewpoint building in the heart of Midtown (Google Maps link). My building is between 6th and 7th streets, and between Peachtree St NE and Juniper Street. On its corners are Kale-Me-Crazy, Shep's ACE Hardware, Starbucks, and QuikTrip. My unit is the north side of the 32nd (dotriacontic) floor, aka Floor Two-to-the-Fighting-Fifth.

I am roughly equidistant from the North Avenue and Midtown MARTA stations; you can reach my building from either in fewer than ten minutes of walking.

I can be reached at 404-939-3265.

I cannot usually hear knocking on my door, especially if I'm listening to music. I usually leave my door unlocked when I'm home, especially if expecting visitors; just stroll on in. If the door is locked, call me, or knock loudly.

Arriving via Uber

Get dropped off on Peachtree St NE halfway between 6th and 7th. You'll see the Viewpoint lobby in front of you. Enter the lobby. Ask the concierge to be let up to Nick Black's unit. If the concierge is not present, either wait for them to return, or call me down.

Arriving via MARTA

Get off at either North Avenue or Midtown stations. Proceed east to Peachtree St, passing West Peachtree.

  • If arriving via Midtown, take a right onto Peachtree and proceed past 7th. My building's on the left.
  • If arriving via North Avenue, take a left onto Peachtree and proceed past 6th. My building's on the right.

From this point, follow the directions from "Arriving via Uber".

Parking here

There's a gated lot in the back of my building, accessible via Juniper. Proceed south immediately past 7th and Shep's ACE Hardware. Take a right into the deck. Visitors can park on the 2nd and 3rd floors, after taking a ticket on the ramp. Once parked, come down the stairs into the Viewpoint lobby. From this point, follow the directions from "Arriving via Uber".