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Best by test. The original quasi-legal, hyperbroad, coldly efficient library for decoding, encoding, and munging digital media.

Build options

  • --enable-gpl forces creation of GPL-only modules (including e.g. delogo). the resulting object is GPL-licensed.
  • --enable-nvenc forces use of NVENC (requires nv-codec-headers)


Remove audio

ffmpeg -i INPUT -vcodec copy -an OUTPUT

Extract N seconds starting at time T

ffmpeg -i INPUT -c copy -ss T -t N OUTPUT

  • T can be either a seconds count, or a timestamp i.e. 01:00:20.

Combine input files

ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i INPUT -c copy OUTPUT

  • INPUT ought be a newline-delimited set of files, each prefaced with "file ".