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LOC record

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LOC records allow WGS84 location (see NIMA Technical Report TR8350.2, "Department of Defense World Geodetic System 1984, Its Definition and Relationships With Local Geodetic Systems", Third Edition to be published via the Domain Name Service. They are defined in RFC 1876. It is resource record (RR) type 29 (0x1D).

The LOC record of a host can be looked up via dig -t loc:

[recombinator](1) $ dig +short -t loc
33 39 0.000 N 84 26 0.000 W 30.00m 1m 10000m 10m
[recombinator](0) $ 

LOC records are expressed in terms of Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, not decimal, latitude and longitude. My apartment, for instance, is at 33.779N and 84.384W, translating to 33°46'44.4"N and 84°23'2.4"W:

[skynet](0) $ dig +short loc
33 46 44.400 N 84 23 2.400 W 300.00m 1m 10000m 10m
[skynet](0) $ 

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