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Pogonological Singularites Among Computer Scientists

From dankwiki

Computer scientists have some of the finest facial hair in the world.

  • 6:36 AM Jul 12th from web submit nominations for CS legend withbest facial hair! john mccarthy? dijkstra? early Kay? @rjlipton? blum? jon hall/rms are just *unkempt*.
  • 6:51 AM Jul 12th from web more: milner, schnier, wadler, gosling (lack of tophair foils or detracts from pogonological excellence?), gosper? wozniak is *fat*. postel?
  • 7:09 AM Jul 12th from web vint cerf, joel moses, david reed, andrew appel, papadimitriou (very DFW-like!), tarjan (had to look it up, but knew it!), tom conte? wirth?

I shall attempt to collect some of the most striking, magnificent examples here.