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AMD 7nm ThreadRipper Pro processors make use of the 12nm WRX80 platform. The LGA 4094-form factor sWRX8 socket is not compatible with TRX40 used for Third Generation Threadrippers.

All Threadripper Pros offer 2xSMT.


Model MSRP Cores Clocks
3995WX 64 2.7/4.2
3975WX 32 3.5/4.2
3955WX 16 3.9/4.3
3945WX 12 4.0/4.3


The WRX80 chipset is built around the sWRX8 socket, and supports:

  • Octachannel DDR4-3200 w/ optional ECC (fully supported, as opposed to sTRX4), up to 2TB
  • 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes


Model MSRP/
NICs USB Store
ASUS WRX80 Pro WS Sage SE 2xX550-AT2 10Gbps USB 3.2G2x2 (type-c), 10x USB 3.2G2 3x M.2