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I was reading the "Text Mode" page on Wikipedia:

Many modern programs with a graphical interface simulate the display style of text mode programs,
notably when it is important to preserve the vertical alignment of text, e.g., during computer
programming. There exist also software components to emulate text mode, such as terminal
emulators or command line consoles. In Microsoft Windows, the Win32 console usually opens in
emulated, graphical window mode but it can be switched to full screen, true text mode and vice
versa by pressing the Alt and Enter keys together.

Why emulate terminals? There's a wealth of code implemented in terms of terminals.

Why stop there?

  • Many extensions would require some kind of shell interaction...
    • Pop-ups on filepaths/lscolors etc
  • Pure extensions of shell suitable for a heavier world:
    • New wildcard for recursive globbing? Suffix with optional / to include directores?
  • DOM model taken from browsers makes AJAX, etc applicable
    • See xsh ideas, also apply XML to the terminal itself / shell history
  • Completion based on text sequences anywhere on the screen
  • OLE-like, context-aware "pasting" of objects into terminal (usually as file names or what?)