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Intel's CPU release strategy. Approximately each year, either a "Tick" (new microarchitecture, for instance Nehalem) or a "Tock" (die shrink and incremental improvement of current microarchitecture, for instance Ivy Bridge) will be released.

Tick Tock
Core, 65nm (Q1 2006) Penryn/Wolfdale/Dunnington, 45nm (Q4 2007)
Nehalem, 45nm (Q4 2008) Westmere, 32nm (Q1 2010)
Sandy Bridge, 32nm (Q1 2011) Ivy Bridge, 22nm (sched. Q1 2012)
Haswell, 22nm (sched. Q1 2013) Broadwell, 14nm (sched. Q1 2014)