Book ideas

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  • Fill in computer science eponym list, market as a phatty Dictionary of Ideas or Binet's Reader's Encyclopedia-like deal
  • (major and semi-esoteric) Trees. A chapter on each, kinda like The Periodic Kingdom
  • Computer Science GRE exam prep
  • Definitive biography of von Neumann (as of 2009, the three major ones are all garbage)
    • possible title: Fekete Pestis (sets up unfortunate puns on my last name, though)
  • Machines (working title): an in-depth guide to modern computer hardware with an emphasis on standards
    • Everything from the input power to the output LEDs
    • Creative Commons license


  • Maximum Scrunch, a novel
    • the title comes from Hans Bethe's Road from Los Alamos, referring to the conditions at which implosion turns to explosion in a supernova's core collapse