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The Wall of Rigor (2020)!

I am in desperate need of bookshelves (update: not anymore!). Desirable traits include:

  • Ash/matted black wood (but not steel, at least not any steel cases I've seen)!
  • 72 inches high or more. 76- and 80-inch shelves aren't rare by any means but do narrow things down quite a bit
  • Either no doors, or the ability to easily remove them without disfiguring or damaging the case
  • As rectilinear a form as possible, and little wasting of space by moulding, thick sides, etc
  • Solid top

Some nice ones:

Too many books, too few bookshelves

Alexandria 2010

I've finally constructed suitable shelving here at Viewpoint!

Filing system

  • Biographies ought not be separated out into their own section, but rather included among the appropriate subjects.
  • Fiction is separated into collections, poetics, dialogues, and long prose
    • Collections are extracted largely due to shelving concerns