From dankwiki
    Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 23:25:53 -0500
    From: nick black <nick_black@securecomputing.com>
    To: ********
    Subject: i've found better code analyzing my own feces for fiber content
    what the hell is this comedy of errors? responsible parties will be fed
    to sharks with bees in their mouths. not only is every single line of
    code indicative of one or more independent misunderstandings of....unix 101,
    really, but the logging turdlet is a syntactic abortion and the first
    inline comment is either editor residue or a question regarding
    preconditions (i can't tell). for chrissakes you didn't even bother to
    use a constant so that if, say, i needed every new user to be some
    other non-unique UID, maybe 1007, yeah, i can do it with a single edit.
    that's like school on a saturday, no class, etc etc ad nauseam.
    did you really think all new users should be UID 1005? how did you
    convince yourself of that? in what universe is this code designed to run?
    holy crap i didn't even realize fileContents was a wretched global! why
    are you writing fortran in java? i can't imagine a more incorrect way to
    do this save lighting the machine on fire and pissing on a graven image
    of alan turing while watching disney movies. good grief. have some pride.
    NAK NAK NAK reverted in revision *******
    --rigorously, nick