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Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme TRX40

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I upgraded to an Aorus Xtreme from its Gigabyte Aorus Master TRX40 little brother in 2022, after purchasing one at the excellent price of $500 (about 50% MSRP).


There is both a ITE IT8688E for 6 temperature readings and 5 fans, and an ITE IT879XE for 3 more of each. Seven of the sensors are built into the motherboard, and two use external thermistors. The in-kernel driver will not recognize the 8688. Employ force_id=0x8688.

sensors UEFI
fan1 CPU_FAN
fan2 MOS_FAN
fan3 FAN_SYS2
fan4 PCH_FAN
fan5 CPU_OPT
temp1 SYS1
temp2 VRMMOS
temp3 PCH
temp4 SYS2
temp5 CPU
temp6 EC1
sensors UEFI
fan2 FAN_PUMP6
fan3 FAN_SYS4
temp1 PCIE_X162
temp2 EC2
temp3 PCIE_X161