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Linux can usually get the job done when it comes to liberating optical bits, but it can take some doing.

Audio CDs

I like abcde with the -p -U -V -x options.


  • To retain original structure, dvdbackup with the -M option works.
  • Playback in mplayer via dvd://1 -dvd-device path-to-hierarchy (see the mplayer FAQ)
  • Errors ripping keys with libdvdcss might indicate a region mismatch; use regionset to perform a firmware modification



  • Acquire MakeMKV for Linux's most recent edition
    • 30-day shareware with binary blobs :/
    • I went ahead and bought it -- it's worth it for $50.


  • Acquire dumphd (currently version 0.6) from the debian multimedia repository
  • Acquire aacskeys (currently version 1.4.0) from the debian multimedia repository
    • Copy /usr/share/doc/aacskeys/ProcessingDeviceKeysSimple.txt to wherever you'll be running aacskeys. Yeah.
    • This is $HOME/.dumphd/ for DumpHD.
  • Acquire bdvmdbg (currently version 0.1.5) from the debian multimedia repository
    • bdvmdbg does not work with the gcj JRE. Sun Java 6 works for me (didn't try openjdk).
    • Ensure bdvmdbg, invoked by itself, successfully launches.
  • Mount the disc as a UDF filesystem.
    • It ought have directories like "AACS", "BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE"
  • Launch dumphd.
    • Click "browse" in the Source section. Select your mount point from above.
    • Click "browse" in the Destination section. Select a target directory (it must already exist).


  • Acquire ClownBD (currently version 0.79) for Windows
  • It similarly requires BDVM
  • I haven't played around with it much yet

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