Southland Tales

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Released in 2006, Southland Tales was Richard Kelly's sophomore full-length directing effort, following 2001's Donnie Darko. It is an incredible, beautiful, audacious mess, and my third favorite movie (behind Apocalypse Now and Pi). I tag Richard Kelly on twitter entirely too often, in disgusting fanboy fervor. The Rock has a palatial estate not far from a friend of mine in Marietta, and whenever we drive past, I hang out the car door and yell "PIMPS DON'T COMMIT SUICICDE" up at him and his cod pond.

A Bluray remaster including the Cannes cut is being released 2021-01-26. We're having a party for it, COVID be damned. There is idle talk of a six-hour(!) director's cut, which would be the most profound event in American cinema since Hannibal Lecter sniffed out Clarice Starling's cheap perfume.